About The Glitter Co - 30th Year

 The Glitter CO Store

The Glitter Co specialises  in jewellery and accessories for weddings, balls and other PM wear. We  source our products from many areas. A Large proportion is made in our own studio in Mahogany Creek,  Western Australia. We do this primarily because what we needed, to supply our customer base, just wasn’t available anywhere for us.   Our own workshop uses exclusively Swarovski crystals and pearls of the highest quality. Swarovski had granted  us rights to label our products ' Made with Swarovski components'  that are made with their exclusive components. 

We also import many items directly from various countries,  this enables us to get the best landed price for stock and enables us to get the lowest retail prices for you. We can’t customise these items but you’ll get a fantastic deal.

We also deal with some Australian wholesalers who allow us to extend our vast range of products at sustainable levels.

The original owners still run the business since 1986, with the help of enthusiastic and genuinely helpful staff.

Please feel free to ring us or email for any advice we may be able to offer for your special occasion. See our 'Contact Us' page for information  and physcial store locations and trading times.